Staying non inclusive in the North of the island

Having the perfect escape is something we all dream about. Month after month of hard work you need somewhere to relax and just let go of the world around you. Maybe you are making that trip with a friend or a spouse or family member/members you want it to be an amazing experience.


Where do I stay?

Your choice of staycation would depend a lot on what it is that you plan to do on island. Ask yourself am I an adventure seeker? or am I just a relaxed beach bum? Do I just want to enjoy an all inclusive resort and have minimal interaction with outside? Do I want to have the ultimate island experience?

  • If you are looking to engage fully in island life, you have to book an apartment or villa that’s very close to Rodney Bay. You don’t want to stay where its impossible to walk to the nearest town and you need to relay on taxi to take you there.
  • Doing an all inclusive at a resort will hinder you from going out and about and partaking in everything local, especially if you are in the north of the island you don’t want to be restricted to a hotel for the entire trip.
  • The night life is loud and eventful. There are so many restaurants to choose from that it’s possible to eat at a different location for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You have so many places that is walking distance. The bars, the mall, the beaches, outdoor activities, you really don’t want to limit yourself.

Non inclusive places to consider staying with 10-15 minute walk from Rodney Bay:

Paris Villas

Coco Palm

Mystique Inn

Bay Gardens Hotel

Harbor Club

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