West cost Tour- Where to go? What to do? Who to trust?

When it comes to adventure, how do we create the perfect tour? People often ask where is the best place to visit. It is generally assumed that to see everything on the west coast in one day one must have an early start, but one may choose to avoid the crowds and rush of guests coming from the hotels and cruise ships by a later start. Ideally, you should take a private tour and customize it to your needs. A good time to depart is around 10am. The drive to Soufriere will take approximately 1.5 hours, assuming all stops are made to take pictures or to enjoy any roadside activities. You will have the opportunity to experience the locations a bit more peacefully and privately once you reach Soufriere after the main tourist rush has ended. While one may be tempted to do the mud bath first, I recommend leaving the best for last. Go hiking if it is on your list. Complete all your adrenaline rush activities. Relax and wind down afterwards. Enjoy a nice hot bath at the Sulphur Springs to give your body that youthful glow.


Did someone say lunch? There is nothing better than dining right next to the beach to enjoy local cuisine. Watch the waves crash on the shore and the hummingbirds in the garden adjacent to the eating area. Listen to the laughter and chatter of the kids as they jump off the rock and into the crystal clear water. Inhale the fresh ocean breeze while you enjoy a delicious local meal. By the time you are done you will definitely feel tired and sleepy. That means you had a very fulfilling day! Feel safe to take a nap with your designated driver, you are in good hands and we care!

Coming from the North of Saint Lucia places of interest as we go along include:


Castries Market (stopping for purchases optional)

Morne Fortune (Viewpoint)

Marigot Bay

View from the top

Chilling on the dock enjoying fresh coconuts and watching the little fish.

Dancing in the refreshing clear water

Anse La Raye fishing village. View from the top of the Village

On the pier

Rum Tasting stop

Her favorite phrase was “wooooooo child” that face you make when the rum hits you!

Chilling at the bar at the Rum Place

Soufriere Fishing Village

The view which welcomes you to Soufriere. The majestic Pitons

Mourne Coubaril Estate you can visit the website to see what activities there interests you.

The Sulphur Springs Drive in Volcano Tour

Mud Bath

The Tet Paul trail

The Torialle WaterFall

Petite Piton

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